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Whether you are a stalker (like me!) and you love to keep updated about teasers, spoilers, updates on writing, or if you just want to know my rambles and get close to me, then you’ve landed on the right page! As the title of the page says, this page is all about my OFFICIAL Social accounts. I’ve created this page so that you can freely stalk me and you won’t get confused about my social media accounts (Since I created way too many accounts across the internet).

1. WordPress account – Of course, this is my OFFICIAL MAIN WEBSITE. This is my writing haven. This is where I post ALL of my stories, rants, and other stuff I wanted to share in my life. You can access my website by typing in the browser.

2. Radish Fiction – This is a paid web serial fiction app for authors. I’ve decided to join here since, let’s face it, I want to live my dream. Basically, when I post stories there, you would need to purchase coins in order to read it. I am still testing this platform, though. We’ll see if I’ll be successful or not. If I am, then I’ll continue posting my future works here. If not, I may have to go for free reading options in the meantime while I am building my reader platform.

3. Tablo Account – It’s really quite similar to my WordPress account. Almost same content are being posted on both sides. But Tablo is my official writing website since it is a writer-reader community, and if ever I wanted my books to get publish, Tablo can help me transform my dream into reality.

If you wanted to read my stories, you can follow me on Tablo. I’ll also publish my stories here, though, you may read the chapters here way too late than in Radish (It’s part of the exclusivity contract so I can’t do anything about that).

4. Facebook Page – Of course! I love Facebook! I practically browse this social media account every day, mainly to connect with my Friends! If you wanted to get daily updates from me then I suggest you like my page!

Oh, I am sorry, the only thing I can give is my Facebook page, though. Not my Facebook account, since it’s personal. Out of all the social media accounts, this is where I am active the most so if you want to reach me and have an immediate reply (not important or urgent message) then LIKE my page!

5. Twitter, Tumblr – Okay, I am not so fond of these social accounts. Mainly, I used them for STALKING. Yes, I stalked about my favorite authors, stories, even some artists, and these accounts are quite popular so I created an account to stalk them.

Albeit I occasionally publish some posts about updates, usually I share posts about chapter updates. Though I want to warn you, I might not get back to you immediately because as what I have said, I’m not really active in these social accounts. But if you love these accounts and want to reach me with it, feel free to do so!

6. Pinterest Most of the time when I post an update, there’s a cover image with it so I proceeded on creating a Pinterest account to post my cover images as well.

7. – If you are a shadowhunter and an avid fan of MALEC (they’re my OTP! <3) like me, then you can browse my malec fanfics as well as the future ones here! Let’s show our love to Cassandra Clare and the Shadowhunters by loving MALEC!❤ And, I might post other future fics too in the future!

8. Email – Please only use this if you have a very important message that needs immediate action you want to send to me. Like Facebook, my email is open every day, but I used email in communicating important messages and of course, notifications of my activities as well.

9. Anime Confessions – As I’ve mentioned before, I am an avid anime lover. And I also have dreams relating to the anime industry, so I’ve created this safe-haven for us. This is where I post all my fangirl moments about anime. So if you’re an anime lover like me, stumble on my anime blog!

So I guess that’s it! Whenever I will have a new account, I will update this one! What are you waiting for? Follow me!

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