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Hello, everyone! Thank you for dropping by in my profile! So, where do I start? I am not really good at introducing myself, but I’ll try for you guys! So, I am just an abnormal girl with big dreams and ambitions in life. The pseudonym I chose to bear in the online world is “Daime Guiral”. This pseudonym is special to me because it’s an anagram of my real name. So if you know how to decipher the code, then you’ll know my name instantly!

So, moving on, I am mainly an introvert girl, or shall we say “nerd”. I really love staying at my house, in my lair.In fact, I hate the crowd, the sun, the heat. It may seem like a joke to you but I can compare myself like a vampire. I don’t like the scrutinizing heat of the sun. I prefer the cold and chilly breeze during the rainy season (too bad though we don’t have winter in here).

I am really addicted to anime and manga. I started falling in love with anime since I was 13 years old and counting. I’d like to say that anime change my life. Because of anime, I was able to discover my skills, talents, and abilities. One of my ultimate dreams is to live my life revolving anime. And so, I established the creation of the anime blog: Anime Confessions. I am one of the co-founders of the said anime website. We call ourselves an Anime Confessors. In that site, we fangirl and confess everything we felt towards anime. So if you’re an anime lover like us, I am inviting you to visit our blog!

Aside from that, I would love to go, work, and live in Japan because, let’s admit it, going there is every otaku’s dream. Though I can say that I already half-fulfilled this dream already. I had gone to Japan when I was 15 (thanks to an exchange student program), but my duration was only for 2 weeks. And I certainly want more! So now I am self-studying to learn more and improve my skills in the Japanese language so that one day I can finally work and live there!

Lastly, anime made me discover my passion in novel writing. I never really thought I had in me to write a story since I detested writing when I was young. In fact, I was always the last one to go home during my elementary days because I was always the last one to finish writing. Oftentimes my teachers reprimanded me because I was too lazy to read and write. They even told my parents once that I am intelligent and could’ve made it to the honor’s list if only I could write and take down notes too.

So, when I discovered that I have a passion for writing, it came out as a shock to me. But then again. thanks to anime, I discovered this side. I still remember that I have this story that I really had the urge to write. I want to create my own version of anime and before I knew it, I had started writing!

And until now, I am still trying to fulfill my dream to become a published author. But I admit, it’s so much harder to fulfill my dream now that I am an adult back to when I was a child. Number one problem is  the lack of time and motivation. I constantly found myself staring at a blank screen and couldn’t come up with anything to write. My mind, body, and energy are already drained the moment I decide to write.

So, it’s really a challenge for me to get back to writing and complete a book. But I hope that someday, I will finally be able to do that.

My Dreams/Ambitions in the field of Writing:
1. Complete all my on-going and upcoming stories.
2. Write and complete trilogy/series.
3. Publish my novels as books (printed).
4. Collaboration with other writers to write one book/series.
5. Published collaboration works.

Also, I wanted to have a friend or someone who shares the same passion with me in writing. Whom I can share my ideas with, whom who can be my beta (vice versa) and together we’ll craft our journey in writing (like Clare and Holly).

So much for now, do you have any questions you would like to ask? Just leave me a message or ask me on my social media accounts or in my email (for urgent and important stuff).
-Daime Guiral

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