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Chapter 4: My Personal Drug


           To say that Alec was nervous was an understatement. He was wishing that he could turn back the time. The scenes earlier from the club was playing on his mind like an infinite playlist. He was nervous and freaking out as realization dawned on him that this Magnus, the hot bartender who was in the club was now on his apartment.  And then there were just the two of them.

The temptation was becoming irresistible.

Alec quickly shook his head as he tried to calm down his nerves. He grabbed the medicine kit and went back to the task on hand, grabbing the things he needed to tend Magnus’ wound. He really need a serious distraction before he will have a growing problem on his lower region just because the man was sex on legs. He released a heavy sigh before he got out from his bedroom and proceed to the living room where Magnus was laying on his sofa.

When he came into the living room he noticed Magnus’ eyes were scanning his whole apartment. And apparently his gaze fell on him. He saw how Magnus’ eyes had changed as it darkened with lust. Alec blushed and unconsciously bit his lip at the intensity of his gaze. Magnus’ gaze fell into his lips and he shivered when he noticed Magnus was licking his lips as he looked at him seductively.

“Well hello there darling, are you just going to stand up there and have a staring contest with me or you will be tending my wound?” Magnus asked as he smirked and quirked his eyebrow.

“Ahm, I- I am so- sorry. . .” ‘God Alec! Man up will you! You can’t even form a fucking sentence! How are you going to survive it with him?’ Alec whined on his thoughts as he was trying to pick himself up together. He drew a deep breath and tried speaking once again.

“I am sorry. Ahm, I brought some medicine kit to help you aid your wound.” ‘Nice!’ Alec mentally patted his back as this time he didn’t stutter as he spoke with the beautiful man on front of him. He walked towards him and sat on the sofa beside him. He held his right hand and placed his right shoulder on his lap.

His focus went into the wound as he took out the shirt he placed on his shoulder. He winced as he look at the wound intently. The wound was worse than he previously thought. But it also made sense that he wasn’t able to examine Magnus’ wound carefully. The club was dark enough and with the operation they had, it was hard to determine how much damaged was done on his right shoulder. It had a deep cut coming from his shoulder blade up to his right wrist.

He could see the blood was starting to ooze out from the wound. He quickly grabbed the towel that was soaked in warm water and cleaned Magnus wound to stop the bleeding. He then got a cotton and soaked it with alcohol.

“This will sting. Please bear the pain for a while.” Alec said and before Magnus could reply he quickly applied the alcohol to his wound. Magnus hissed and winced as his face was slightly contorted because of the pain he was bearing. A few seconds soon Magnus got used to the pain and bear the stung as he continued tending his wound. Alec then applied the ointment cream on his shoulder, hoping it wouldn’t leave a mark on his beautiful tanned skin. He got the bondage and wrapped it around Magnus’ right shoulder.

“And it’s done.” Alec said as he putted his things on the medicine kit and turned to look at Magnus. Magnus was checking the bondage on his shoulders as he was still slightly wincing on pain. When Alec was done putting his things on the medicine kit he placed them on his table and turned to look at the man beside him.

“Ahm, would you like to have some drink?” Alec offered as he tried to be accommodating towards Magnus. He really never knew what to say nor what to do when it comes to socializing people other than his family and friends. It’s always been Jace and Isabelle who always did the talking for him. He only talked when it comes to investigation, or planning a tactical strategy. It was the only time he regained his confidence back since he tend to forget everything around him and focus on the investigation on hand.

‘Ah, yes. Jace. It was also because of Jace and their stupid plan why this man ended up in my apartment. I should have known first hand never to trust them with handling the operation. It ended up badly.’ Alec mentally groaned when he remembered their ‘almighty’ operation earlier. They may had succeeded and captured their targets in the end but still, the operation was not carried out smoothly.

Just then, Alec’s thoughts was suddenly interrupted when he heard a snap. He lifted up his head and found out that Magnus’ face was only a mere inches away from him. Alec blushed furiously at their close proximity and moved his head backwards in an attempt to have some distance.

“Uh, I am sorry.” He just apologized as he bowed his head as embarrassment washed through him once again. Magnus just chuckled and was amused of his reaction.

“It’s okay blue-eyes. I can clearly understand. I assumed you’re not that fond of socializing people aren’t you?”

“Ah. Yes. It’s not really my thing to . . . you know. Socialize with people.” He finally smiled as he replied to Magnus. And for the first time since tonight he found himself relaxing towards Magnus.

“Then stop trying. You know it’s not good. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in your own apartment. Besides, I am already grateful that you helped me to tend my wounds.”

“No, it was nothing really. It was our grave mistake in the first place. I am really sorry about what happened Magnus. It was never our intention to involve you on the operation a while ago.” Alec apologized as he scratched the back of his neck with his hand because of the operation they had earlier that came out of control.

“Actually, I was quite amazed with you guys. I never thought one day I would be able to see some shadowhunter real action before my eyes. I only see some of your major operations on TV, or on news. When I encountered you a while ago, I was too shocked to do anything, I guess it was also pretty my fault that I froze on the spot that’s why I hadn’t dodge Jace’s attack.” Magnus flashed a smile unto him as he replied. And Alec found his smile so breathtaking that he wanted to fall for it. But he quickly dismissed the idea and went to focus on what he said before.

“We’re not really that amazing. I just became an official adult shadowhunter and we were still on our early stages on becoming an elite shadowhunter so don’t praised us too much.” Alec said as he shook his head and shrugged in reply. He really couldn’t get the idea why mundane people look at them as if they were almighty or something. If there were people who were the luckiest one on this world, it would be them, the mundane, the civilians. Because they were able to live their life normally and freely compared to them. In such a young age they were deprived with their own freedom. They grew up having a training in becoming a shadowhunter, sworn to protect the mundane. It’s not that Alec would regret his decision, though. He loved being a shadowhunter, it was on his blood. He just wished that they were given the freedom to choose in the first place.

Alec widened his eyes as he saw Magnus gasped and looked at him like he’d already lost his mind. “Are you fucking kidding me, blue eyes? You’re saying not to praise you guys when all your life you’ve dedicated your life to save us? You may never know, but you guys had always been our dream one! You are like our super heroes! After all, the Clave was the enforcement body of the world. It will be an honor any human being on the world to be recognized as a shadowhunter. You guys died to retain your honor and dignity. Alexander, there is nothing more noble than that. I wanted you to know that. You guys are special, especially you.” Just when Alec’s blushed finally faded, it went back full force once again after Magnus’ speech. It also didn’t help that Magnus was staring at him intently and it might just be his imagination, but he saw something lit up in Magnus’ exotic golden-green eyes.

Alec tried to come up with a response to Magnus. But much to his distress, he found none. Instead, he just smiled as a sign of appreciation and gratitude towards his comment. Silence once reigned between them. But in a few seconds it was cut off when Magnus’ gaze travelled down towards his chest and his eyes suddenly widened as he stared at the piece of pendant that hung on Alec’s neck. Alec lowered his head and followed where his gaze stop. Alec momentarily froze as he saw his clockwork angel pendant.

He then unconsciously gripped the pendant and lifted his head to meet Magnus’ gaze.

“Alec, that pendant. It was . . . beautiful. I have never seen a perfect angel carved and used as a pendant’s necklace.” Magnus said as he continued to stare at the necklace with amusement reflected on his eyes.

“Ah Yes. It was given to me by partner, it was formerly Jace’s but for some reason, he gave it to me.”

“Is Jace your boyfriend?” Alec nearly choked at the sudden question of Magnus as he stared at him in disbelief.

“By the angel! How could you, why would you think and ask about that? Of course not!” Alec was blushing furiously as he tried to regain himself from Magnus’ question. Magnus in return shrugged back and asked him further.

“Well, you two seems very close. Plus you said your partner gave that to you. So it only made sense that you two are in an intimate relationship.”

“No! God! I never would have imagined to have an intimate relationship with my brother!” Magnus looked at him with shock written all over his face on his statement.

“Pull yourself together! Yes, Jace is my brother. He is just my parabatai, or in mundane language he is my shadowhunter partner. Plus Jace is as straight as a pole and he has a girlfriend!”

“But, it doesn’t really make any sense. If Jace has a girlfriend as you claim, why is it he gave such a beautiful necklace to you? I meant no offense, Alec. You’re beautiful and hot as fuck. But if you have a special someone, it was more appropriate to give such beautiful piece of jewelry to my other half, right?” Alec chose to ignore that one particular comment Magnus made about him as he sighed and found himself in an inevitable situation to answer Magnus’ questionable and curious look. He was debating himself if he would allow himself to share some sensitive information with a stranger. But as he looked at Magnus’ eyes he couldn’t help but felt safe with him. It was like he could trust him. And so, he decided to share some piece of information to him.

“You’re right. We all expected that Jace would give this necklace to his girlfriend, Clay. The red haired girl you met earlier. But Jace chose not to as he didn’t want anything to remind him of the past that would ruin their relationship.”  When Magnus said nothing, he released another heavy sigh as he continued with his story.

“You probably already know what happened in the London Institute 3 years ago right? Where that . . . that thing was broadcasted on the whole world.” Magnus gasped once again as he put a hand to cover his mouth as shock reigned on his face.

“You mean, when the shadowhunters in the London Institute was . . . brutally killed while it was being lively broadcasted . . . around the world?” Alec just nodded in reply. He knew how horrible it was when they watched them on TV, that dreadful day. He could see himself wearing Magnus’ face right now as shock, terror and horror filled them as they witnessed that horrible scenario.

“Yes. Unfortunately, our comrades, our seniors died in that incident. They were being brutally killed by the Downworld Empire.” Alec raised his two hands and stared at them as his mourning washed over him. “Our seniors, the one closest to us were brutally killed. Our seniors mainly composed of our cousins, our siblings, our friends who were closed to us. One of them, it was Will Herondale. Jace’s brother. Along with our senior friends they were brutally killed and their bodies were burned into ashes. The only one we recovered was this clockwork angel from him.”

“Alec-“Magnus tried to stop him from saying more, as he could feel the pain that emerged through Alec as he was regaining those dreadful memories back. But Alec shook his head and heard nothing as he continued to burst everything out.

“Will and Jace were the only ones who remained in the Herondale bloodline. The two of them were so closed together despite their almighty egos. After all, it was just the two of them that was left in this world. But then now that Will was gone, Jace was left with nothing. He was the only sole Herondale that survived in this era. He couldn’t bear it. He wanted his brother to live in his memories as an immortal one. That Will was just out there somewhere, that one day he would come again. He didn’t want to be reminded of it. He tried giving out this necklace to Clary, but he doesn’t want to break down in front of her every time he was being reminded with the pendant. And so he gave it to me.”

“He gave it to his sole partner. His parabatai. Shadowhunters were known to have a parabatai. The parabatai’s are their warrior partner. They share the pain and lift each other up.” Magnus continued for him as he was massaging Alec’s back. Alec didn’t even noticed when he had lean to the other man and when Magnus hugged him back to offer comfort on him. Alec’s eyes were hurting as well as his throat as he refused himself to cry. However, he couldn’t hide the anguish look on his face as he remembered what happened 3 years ago.

“Ssh. It’s okay, Alec. It’s okay.” Magnus said as he kept whispering soothing words towards the young shadowhunter.

When Alec was remotely relaxed, Magnus released him as Alec smiled shyly at him at what had had he done a few moments ago.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to bursts out like that.”

“It’s okay blue eyes. I am a great listener. Plus, I will surely do anything you want for you.” Magnus replied as he winked at him seductively. Now Alec was aware once again of the tension between them as he blushed once again of Magnus’ flirting attacks.

“You’re really delicious with that adorable blush of yours, blue eyes. No wonder no one can resist you.” Magnus purred beside his ear and Alec shivered when his hot breath brushed against his ear.

“Ahm, Magnus, can we-“Alec said as he tried to move farther from the couch to ease the tension between them. But before he could do so Magnus’ arms already wrapped around his waist and held him protectively beside him. Alec’s heart almost stopped when he literally felt Magnus’ tongue on his neck.

“Ahm- Magnu- hmm!” Alec stifled his moan as he felt Magnus’ hot tongue was tracing small circles on his neck.

“What is it, blue eyes?”

“Ahm, tha- that reminds me, why are you—you there on the clu-ahh!” ‘Good gracious Alec! What the hell are you doing?’ Alec mentally scolded himself as he couldn’t control the soft moans and gasps that leave on his mouth. Angel, he couldn’t even imagine he would ever be this verbal. But he couldn’t help the moans that escape through him as Magnus’ attacks spiked a fire within his body. The beautiful man beside him was still playing on his neck with his tongue as his other hand had managed to slip under his shirt.

‘He really knows what he was doing and he was such an expert with pleasuring another man’ Alec could only thought as he was slowly being carried away by his emotions that it made him feel weak against Magnus. It made him weak to the point that he wanted to surrender to the beautiful man beside him.

Just then the sticky tongue that traced on his neck disappeared and he felt a hot breath beneath his ear once again.

“What is your question once again, blue eyes? You really need to ask me straight questions as I will never understand you.” Magnus said as Alec felt his lips formed a smirked beneath his ear. ‘Oh the bastard! He was truly enjoying my torture!’ Alec cried on his thoughts as he tried to recollect his thoughts to retaliate at the beautiful man in front of him.

“Why are you in that club? Did you know that they were using drugs? Are you also a drug addict?” Alec finally had the courage to voice out his thoughts and just like that, Magnus lifted his head away from him. They were staring for a few seconds as the lustful tension between them was slowly fading.

“You wound me, Alexander. Do you really think as magnificent as me will take a risk to destroy my oh so delicious body that everyone will die for? Drugs will definitely do me no good. It will make my luscious kissable lips darken like a dead one. It will make my body as dry as a cactus on a dessert. I couldn’t afford to lose my magnificent self over those tiny white disgusting substance.” Magnus   replied with a dramatically voice as he pretended to place a hand over his heart, as if he was deeply wounded with Alec’s accusation.

Alec finally burst out laughing at his dramatic reaction. He found Magnus’ reaction really funny that he couldn’t help but laugh. But it was not the only thing that’s why he laughed. He just realized how stupid he was and how hilarious his accusations were. Of course, as magnificent and as brilliant as Magnus wouldn’t even dare to be involved in crime acts. Hell, he would even bet Magnus wouldn’t dare to have even an inch of his clothes get ruined, or even his nails. Alec then remembered that Magnus was like the male gay version of his sister Izzy. They resemble too much in so many ways. He could even imagined the hilarious combination and reaction these two would make if they were partnered with an operation.

“Okay, my bad. I am sorry I accused you. You’re right. I would even bet you wouldn’t let a single minute thing destroy your outfit right?” Magnus quirked his eyebrow and grinned at him in reply.

“Damn right blue eyes.” They continued to laugh as they lied together on the couch. After a few minutes their laughter died and Magnus leaned in close to Alec’s face.

“But you know, you are right. I do have an addiction. I am a drug addict. You know what drug I am addicted to?” Alec opened his eyes and found that Magnus had somehow got on top of him on the couch and he was trapped beneath.


“You.” Before Alec could reply, Magnus suddenly crashed his lips towards him and kissed him hard that made Alec moan. Alec was caught off guard and momentarily froze at Magnus’ sudden attack. Plus, Alec didn’t know what to do. He had never been kissed before. And here he was, his lips was not just being kissed, but it was being devoured by Magnus. He tried to fight for control and tried to pull him away from him but Magnus was quick enough to brought his two hands above his head and was being held by one of Magnus’ huge hand.

Magnus grinded his hips against him that made Alec gasps and he used that opportunity to delved his tongue into the warm, untouched cavern of Alec’s mouth. Magnus greedily devoured Alec’s tongue as he slowly slipped his other hand beneath Alec’s shirt to feel the hard chest and abs beneath it.

“Magnus, stop- I don’t- I don’t know what to do! “ Alec said between kisses as he forcefully pushed his hand against Magnus’ chest to get some distance between them and to get some air to breathe. Magnus frowned and looked at him with confusion.

“What do you mean blue eyes?” Magnus asked him as he looked at him intently. Alec’s blushed worsened as he would be forced to tell this gorgeous man of how inexperience he was with intimate relationships and touches.

“I – uh, I’ve never done this before. I never have a boyfriend, I- I’m new to all of this?”

“You mean, you’re a complete virgin?” Magnus clarified as his eyes narrowed in amusement.

“Ye- yeah, you can say that.” Alec groaned as he answered back with embarrassment written all over his face. He couldn’t believe he just said out loud to someone else how inexperience he was.

“But earlier, you were closed into having a sex with that man. Heck, you’re even seducing him. And you look very natural and expert with it. What are you trying to say Alexander? You know, you’re a horrible liar. You can’t honestly expect me to believe you’re a complete virgin when you practically offered yourself to someone a while ago.” Alec’s blushed worsened as he was digesting what Magnus said. He completely forgot the horrible act he had to display earlier. He mentally cursed and was planning of all horrible things on how to kill his parabatai for planning that absurd plan and putting him up in this awkward situation.

“Ahm, it- it was Jace.” When Alec said that, he swore he saw Magnus’ eyebrows met up in the middle as he frowned in more confusion. His face was a wreck as he was trying to decipher what was really happening. Alec released a heavy sigh as he finally gave in and decided to explain to him to save the gorgeous man from his wrecked face.

“You see, it was part of the plan to seduce that man. Because Jace and Izzy, my sister, overheard that the guy was interested in my combination. Black hair and blue eyes. And through seducing that guy, we would have easily trapped him and he will give in to whatever information we wanted. Then Jace taught me some absurd tricks on how to seduce a man. I gotta say, it was the worst thing that happened in my entire life. If I am in my normal mind I wouldn’t be able to do everything of that.”

“Wow. You guys will go that far just to complete an operation? I’m speechless.” Magnus mused as he continued staring at the gorgeous blue eyes in front of him. And then he continued.

“But if Jace trained you, surely by now you know how to kiss, touch and make out isn’t it? And here I thought your parabatai is a straight one. My, Alec, you’re just messing with me aren’t you? It seems you guys are just confused with your feelings and are fighting on it. I have a feeling you loved each other unconsciously.” Magnus replied as he chuckled and teased him.

“It’s not. I swear there’s really nothing going on with me and Jace. And we didn’t have a complete training.” Magnus found his eyebrow’s raising up once again as he shot him another questionable look.

“Complete training? Indulge me.”

“The training involved touching, but, no kissing, no making out. I- I really don’t know how to explain it. But yeah, I said the training would not involve intimate moments. And I threatened them that my operation will not force me into kissing the man or vice versa. I don’t want my first kiss to be stolen by some criminal just because of the operation.” Magnus’ eyes widened and lit up as he was finally able to pick up the pieces together.

“Oh I see, now that makes sense. But I gotta say, I am half thrilled and half sad with your training.” Now, it was Alec’s turn to look at him and stared at him with confusion written on his face.

“What do you mean?” Magnus chuckled as he tightened his grip on Alec’s waist again and pulled him impossibly closer. Magnus leaned unto him until their nose were touching.

“I am sorry that you haven’t completed your training. I had stolen your first kiss, your innocence. And the first application of your training was done forcefully. But on the other hand . . . “ Magnus trailed off as he flashed a wicked smile on him that made Alec’s heartbeat go crazy and his mind go haywire.

“Wha – what?”

“I can teach you to complete the training. Every single thing of it, you will learn and become an expert of it as I teach you. I am expert on this field compared to your goldilocks friend. And I will guide you through every single thing of our lesson session.” Alec’s blushed worsened at Magnus’ statement. He wouldn’t admit but right now he was incredibly turned on by what Magnus was doing to him. He felt his mind was floating as he was finding the right words to retaliate and gain control of the situation. He knew he should do the right thing, but he found his body resisting to his mind and slowly giving in to the sinful temptation Magnus was giving him. But Magnus didn’t give him an opportunity to resist, because as soon as he finished what he was saying he immediately attacked and devoured Alec’s mouth again with the dominance of a man he had.

“Ma—Magnus! I – I can’t breathe!” Alec struggled to say as he was trying to gather some air in between their kisses.

“Follow my lead, if you want to breathe.” Magnus said between their kisses as he continued on devouring Alec’s mouth. Despite everything, Alec tried to imitate Magnus’ movements and moved his lips in sync with him. At first he was a bit sloppy with it but within a few minutes he found himself in complete sync with Magnus. Only then Alec realized that apparently, that was a bad move.

Grave mistake.

Because the moment he responded to his kisses, the sexual tension and lust between them had multiplied threshold. Alec completely forgot that he needed to breathe, instead his mind and body were screaming to him to desperately abandon himself into kissing Magnus, until he became breathless.

Magnus was now aggressive towards him as he felt his kisses were becoming beastly, he could feel his lips were already swollen by his merciless attacks. And Magnus didn’t gave Alec a chance to breathe again. Every time Alec would gasps for air and pants for his breathing he would greedily sucked them out from him leaving the young shadowhunter gasping for his breath. When it became too much Alec bit Magnus’ lips so hard that it drew blood. Only then Magnus released him and Alec was finally able to breathe again.

“Ma- Magnus!” Alec moaned and screamed his name once again when Magnus bit his neck so hard in return of his attack. Alec could feel the tiny drops of blood oozing from his neck as Magnus gently licked it and finally, he released his neck and stared on the boy beneath him. Alec could barely stare at him through his half-lidded eyes as his mind was in a deep, lustful haze.

Alec could see the lust in Magnus’ eyes as he stared back on his neck. Then Magnus smiled evilly as he traced something on his neck with the palm of his hand.

“You want it rough huh? Blue eyes? You bitted me so I just bitted you back. Now we’re even. And your mine. This mark is the concrete evidence that I had claimed you. And to answer your question, yes.”

“The black-hair, blue eyes is my addiction. And you, my dear Alexander. . . “Magnus once again leaned into his face as their foreheads touched and Alec could smell their combined scents together.

“Is my personal drug.” Then Magnus kissed him hard once again.

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