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Chapter 3: Pandemonium

 Alec groaned as he stared at himself in the mirror in his bathroom. He couldn’t believe it was really happening. He was wearing a white tank top that showed his well-built muscles and exposed his neck and collarbone. He was wearing a black skinny pants that was too tight to his liking, showing up his long legs and made his rounded ass stood up. The clothes was clinging to him like a second skin. And he didn’t like it one bit. He released a heavy sigh as he decided to step out of his bathroom and faced Izzy.

The moment he stepped out of the room he was met by a smirking Izzy who was constantly nodding as if admiring her creation. ‘You are his little creation now’. Alec mentally groaned.

“Damn, you’re really hot brother! If I am gay I would take you right here right now.” Izzy purred as Alec rolled his eyes and his face blushed at her words.

“Quit teasing me! Now what?”

“Sit. I’ll do your hair and I’ll put some makeup on your face. You’ll be the most gorgeous gay man on earth after my creation!”

“No way! I am not having a makeup on my face!” He tried to protest but Izzy was having none of it.

“Big Brother! This is part of the plan for the operation so don’t you dare object or else this operation will fail!”

“Izzy. I still don’t know what the hell is my part of this ‘oh so mighty’ operation. You guys didn’t even explain the whole plan to me! How am I supposed to know you guys weren’t just teasing me?”

“Excuses, excuses. Trust us brother, we already have the perfect plan on hand. The only thing that’s lacking is your participation. Now, sit and don’t argue!” Izzy said as she grabbed his shoulders and forced him to sit down on the chair. Alec sighed in defeat and just let her do what she wanted, knowing full well she will have her way with him no matter what. Izzy was grinning the whole time she did his hair and makeup. She had cut his bangs above his eyes. Alec instantly blushed understanding Izzy’s attempt. With his bangs so short there was no way he could hide his vibrant blue eyes from anyone who stared at him.

After a few minutes of fixing his hair and doing his makeup Alec stood up and fixed himself.

“Here, wear this one brother. It will look good on you.” Alec stared at the necklace and he took it with sadness written on his face. The necklace on his hand was the clockwork angel that belonged to Will. This was the only thing they recovered from the incident three years ago.

Jace decided to give the item to him as his parabatai. He would have given it to his girlfriend but at the last minute he decided against it. He didn’t want his relationship with Clary to be ruined because of the constant reminder of what happened to their seniors, so he entrusted Alec to give the Clockwork Angel to him. Alec hung the necklace to his neck when the door suddenly opened and there appeared his other three colleagues.

Jace, Clary and Simon stood there in shock as they took in Alec’s appearance. Alec felt his cheeks flushed because he’s not used to the attention they were giving to him.

“Damn Alec. If I am gay I would surely fuck your brains out!” Alec’s blush worsened because of Jace’s statement. Jace noticed this and smirked at him while the rest giggled, amused at Alec’s reaction. Alec playfully smacked his arm in response to his statement.

“By the angel stop this nonsense! I really don’t know if you guys had made a plan for the ‘operation’ later. It seems you guys just wanted to tease me around. And I still didn’t know what this operation all about and what is my participation with it!”

“Jeez. Really, Alec, you’re doubting my all mighty plan?” Jace replied to him as he sat on his bed taking Clary with her while Simon sat on a chair beside Izzy. Alec rolled his eyes at him. Jace may had a wonderful plan behind him but it always ended up in a sabotage when he started to fight. He always forgot everything behind him when he started fighting, leaving Alec to patch and compromised their operation.

“So what now?” Alec finally asked as he seated on the other side of the bed. The room was filled with silence when Izzy decided to start the conversation.

“You see Alec, we were clubbing on Pandemonium the other day when we spotted two girls and one guy who were putting a white substance in their drinks. When we confirmed that it was a type of drug, we would’ve raid them right away but their conversation was very disturbing.”

“And what is it?”

“They said that their plan was successful. They managed to get Scandinavia and Malta to become the new host for their massive operation and production for Cocaine, Ecstasy and other drugs they wanted to produce.”

“Dear God! But Scandinavia and Malta were one of the greatest ally the United States has!” Alec hissed in protest as he couldn’t believe the information they just gave him.

“Yes. But it seems, these countries were plotting behind our back. They wanted to have the glory in the black market. These countries will be their slaves, and they will use it against the Clave Alec.” Izzy added while everyone nodded on what she said.

“Those three people we saw on the club definitely belonged to a powerful group to be able to control these powerful countries. We have a suspicion that they belonged to the Downworld Empire but we still couldn’t confirm it. All we know is that, their group possessed this crest.” Clary stood up and got a piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to Alec.

When Alec looked at the paper his brain was screaming of shock and he stiffened at what he saw. It took all of his will not to burst out this discovery in front of his colleagues.

‘This pair of wings is similar to one of the photographs displayed in the Council Room!’ Alec mentally cried as he kept himself calm and putted on a masked blank face. He wanted to make sure this was really the same with one of the photographs presented on the Council Room. Alec looked up at Clary.

“Clary, are you sure this is what you saw?”

“My, my, Alec. Don’t question the photographic memory and the artistic skill of my girlfriend! You wound me brother!” Jace suddenly interrupted as he stood up and wrapped his arms around her waist.  Alec rolled his eyes at the dramatic play of his parabatai.

“Jace, I don’t question Clary’s ability. But still, we need to make sure of this information. If your hunch was right that the Downworld Empire is behind of this, this crest you found will be the first step on discovering them. Plus, Pandemonium is too dark for every one of us to see properly. I just wanted to make sure.” Clary nodded in understanding and agreement with Alec while Jace just scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“I am sure of it Alec. Their symbol was just, too unique that I was entice to draw it. It couldn’t get out of my mind. Plus those three had the same symbol on their clothes. Iz and Si also confirmed my drawing.” Alec tilted his head to question his sister and Si and the both of them nodded.

This symbol . . . it was included in one of the photographs the San Diego Institute gathered from the bombardment of the LA Institute earlier.” The room was filled with eerie silence and heavy tension as all of them widened their eyes in shock. Alec saw Jace had fisted his hand and was slightly trembling because of the agony he felt every time he remembered what happened three years ago. In order to save the group from dwelling from the past, he decided to lighten up the mood and changed the topic. Even if it meant diverting the attention back to him and making him uncomfortable.

“But, you still didn’t exactly told me what my participation is in your almighty plan, for the third time, if I might add. Why do I need to suffer with these get up!” Alec hissed while the tension in the room broke as they grinned and smirked at him.

“Oh, my dear brother, you need to put up with that outfit simply because the guy likes you.” Izzy replied to him. Alec gathered all his will to resist the blush that was emerging on his face while he raised his eyebrow in question.

“The guy likes me?”

“Yes. The guy was hunting for a black hair and blue eyed beauty that night at the club but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get one. One of his companion asked why he was eager to find that combination-“

“And the guy suddenly said that he overheard a friend of his talking about how he loved that perfect combination. Luckily, the guy was curious on the combination and started his adventure on capturing one.” Jace continued Izzy’s statement and smirked as he walked towards him and patted Alec’s shoulder.

“So you guys are saying my main role in this operation is to babysit a guy and satisfy his curiosity?” Alec whined while the others finally burst out laughing.

“Yes Alec. You will seduce this guy to fall for you and we’ll capture their little group.” Jace said to him while Alec scoffed in reply.

“But I’m not that kind of guy! Jace is more suitable with this!” Alec finally screeched, too much for his distress.

“Well, thank you Alec. As much as I wanted to show my almighty flirting skills, I couldn’t. First, my girlfriend will chop off my junior. Second, he wants you, not me. So tell me, were we wrong of what we said that you are the sole key to the success of this operation?” Alec glared at him in return. Knowing full well that they were right about it. Since the guy was interested on him, it will be very easy to lure them through him. But that didn’t mean they will have to seize the opportunity to torture him. Jace gave him a fake sad face but soon it turned into an amused smirk.

“But that doesn’t mean there’s no other way to show off my almighty self.”

“Wha- what do you mean?”

“I, Jace Herondale, your almighty parabatai and King, will be your master in learning the Art of Seduction.”


“Yes!” Alec cried while everyone in the room was genuinely enthralled by the idea. Jace clapped his hand and everyone in the room evaporated. Before Alec could take a blink and realized what was going on the door clicked and before he knew it, they were safely locked up in the room. Alec rushed towards the door and knocked loudly in an attempt for the other side to open the door.

“Open the damn door! Help me!”

            “Too late Alec! You’re trapped with me now! Time to unleash your sassy and seductive side!” Jace yelled at him and yanked him off towards him.

‘By the angel!’ Alec mentally cried as he walked off from their car and stared at the club. It has a name Pandemonium on it. Jace and his other colleagues had got off from the car and were smirking on his shocked and horrified face.

“Remember all of things I taught you, my dear student. This will be your practical exam.” Jace said to him while wearing a knowing smirk. Alec glared in return when he felt someone was elbowing him on his shoulder. All of them tilted their heads towards Izzy and she pointed in the opposite direction. There they saw the same group they crossed few days ago.

“Is that them?” Alec asked Izzy while she just nodded in response. They watched the group entered the famous club in New York. A few minutes after they began to walk towards the main door of the club.

“Time to commence the operation.” Jace said while all of them released a heavy sigh and started to enter the club.

When they entered the club it was already midnight and the party was in full swing. The music was in loud blast and the room smelled of sweat and sex. Alec could see a pool of bodies dancing and grinding on each other while other couples were making out in the dark walls.

Alec’s face burned with blush and the club was starting to make him uncomfortable. He couldn’t imagine the things he would be going to do later, and all of those craps that Jace taught him. Jace and Izzy were on the frontline, searching for their target while Alec and his other friends were on their back. After a few seconds Jace spotted their target. But he was alone and the two girls before were gone. He was sitting on the counter holding a glass of drink in his hand. Jace and Izzy turned around and gave Alec a knowing look. Alec groaned in annoyance as he raised his hand in defeat.

“Fine. Don’t worry I’ll follow the plan.” Jace smirked in response while Izzy was giggling as they stepped aside as if to give way for their king.

“Good luck my student! Give us your best shot! Make your master proud!” Alec’s blush resurfaced once again at what he said. He chose not to comment on his statement to stop them from teasing him further. He started walking towards the counter to get back on the mission at hand. As he neared toward their target Alec noticed that their little group had dispersed and went to their respective locations to give them privacy but they could still witness the whole scene between Alec and the guy.

The guy was supposed to drink his glass but Alec stopped him by placing his hand over his shoulder. The guy flashed an irritated look and was about to hiss at his intruder but it soon faded as he stared back at a pair of stunning blue eyes.

“Well, hello there gorgeous. To what do I owe the pleasure?” The guy said as he raked Alec’s body from head to toe, wearing a hungry look in his eyes. As if he was about to feast his delicious dessert.

“Would you mind if I seat here, Mr. Handsome?” Alec said boldly as he began to draw small circles on the man’s shoulder. He smirked in return and Alec nearly shrieked when he suddenly grabbed Alec closer to him, causing Alec to sit on the man’s lap.

It took all of Alec’s will not to blush and luckily he was able to push it down. Though he shivered at the personal contact, not because of excitement but because of the uncomfortable he felt at their close proximity. He forced himself to focus in their mission and stared back at the man and began caressing his face.

“Seems like I was right in my assumption. Blue eyes and black hair is really a great catch.” The man said as he raised his hand and called on a bartender at the counter. Alec felt someone’s presence behind him and he turned his head only to stare at the gorgeous man he ever laid his eyes on earth.

For the briefest moment Alec felt like everything around him disappeared as he stared back at the Golden green eyed beauty in front of him. The bartender was full of glitter on his hair and face. Alec’s mouth nearly watered as he stared at the most, delicious, kissable pink lips he ever seen.

His gaze went down and he noticed the man was wearing a black vest without a shirt underneath. He could trace his lean smooth chest that was covered in a peck of glitter. The man was simply gorgeous. All he wanted to do was to stare at him, but suddenly the man on his side cleared his throat.

“Hey man stop staring of what’s mine! Just do your job and gave him some drink! You prick!” The man said as he wrapped his arms around Alec’s waist possessively. Alec flinched at his actions. He didn’t like what the man had been doing but he was left with no option.

“Very well Sir. Sorry for my rudeness.” The bartender replied and handed him a glass of drink. The man bowed down his head and got something in his pocket. While the man on Alec’s side was busy the bartender gave him a wink causing his cheeks to blush. The man chuckled, amused by his reaction before he turned around and went back serving the other people in the counter. He followed the bartender’s every movement when the man beside him spoke.

“Jeez! That’s why I hate the bartenders here in the club. They always intrude with their customer’s affair. But don’t worry little one, I assure you it won’t happen again, no more interruptions. I will make sure that we will have a fabulous night!” The man in front of him smirked and held Alec closer against him. Alec turned around so that they were facing each other while sitting on the man’s lap.

“Oh? Do you think you could do it? Do you think you could give me a fantastic night tonight?” Alec raised an eyebrow to challenge the man but it just smirked even more in return. He suddenly gasped as he felt two pair of hands suddenly grabbed his ass and squeezed it tightly. Just then Alec felt the bulge of the man in between his legs as it smiled wickedly to him.

“Aren’t you feisty, little one? But don’t worry, I love challenge and you just turned me on even more. Do you feel it right? And you will be getting that little one, just be prepared. You had no idea what I wanted to do to you right now.”

Alec dreaded the hungry look of the man, the bulge in between his legs and his desire to devour him. If he was in his normal state right now he would already got up and ran like hell because of the embarrassment but he tried to hold back himself.

‘The next step you need to do is to. . .’

Alec licked his lips while making sure his tongue would occasionally flick out from his mouth. He caught the man followed the movement of his tongue. He leaned forward to him, their nose and face almost touching and the man was expecting that he would kiss him, when Alec’s mouth suddenly went to his earlobe and bit it hard that it left a mark. The man gave out a moan at his sudden attack. Encouraged by the man’s reaction, he licked his earlobe and whispered on his ear seductively.

“Then do it. I’m all yours for the rest of the night.” Alec purred and the man finally lost all of his control as he quickly grabbed his hand for them to stand up. Alec still didn’t find his balance when he was being roughly slammed on the wall and grinded his hips to him. It then stopped and he found himself that the man was staring intently while holding a pocket of white substance. He opened it with his mouth and swallowed its contents.

“What is that thing on your mouth?”

“This will intensify everything darling. This can bring us into the depths of high and ecstasy as I fucked the shit out of you. I’m sure you’ll love it and in no time you will be screaming my name all night.” The man leaned forward in an attempt to kiss him but Alec suddenly pushed his hand on his chest to create a space from the both of them.

“Is that drugs?”

“It’s obvious isn’t it? And don’t deny you don’t like this, every one of us loved it.” Alec made a quick sideline glance on Jace’s location and they shared a quick, knowing look. They had started moving towards them and Alec stared at the man once again.

“Oh, I loved to. I’m just confirming if my hunch was right. You see, it was so hard to get that nowadays. Because the Clave is too hard on the law.” Suddenly the man’s face was filled with disgust at the mention of the Clave.

“I don’t give a damn of those bunch of arrogant bastard who only want to flaunt themselves! But don’t worry little one, I assure you from now on the Clave will never interrupt us once again. We have the upper hand now. Scandinavia and Malta became our new base operation for drugs and black market. We can enjoy ourselves indulging in ecstasy while they rot in hell. You want that little one, right? Our world will be full of sex and drugs!” The guy leaned forward as he licked Alec’s neck.

“Yes. I loved that. I really, really loved that.”

“Good. Now, shut up and let’s start, little one. Because I am seriously horny right now that I want to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for days.”

Alec smiled in return. “Gladly.”

The guy smiled back and leaned up in an attempt to kiss him. As his body shifted, Alec kicked out, aiming for his groin, and the guy suddenly jerked in pain. Alec grabbed his right arm and twisted it behind his back until he was shrieking in pain.

“Get down on the ground,” Alec hissed, just loud enough to keep his voice above the club’s pounding music.

The guy resisted, thrashing wildly against Alec’s hold. Alec struggled to keep his grip. The guy was definitely bigger in stature, and the tight confinement of his skinny jeans made it difficult for Alec to maneuver effectively. Alec looked up, searching for Jace. He spotted his parabatai trying to weave through a thick throng of people.

“Let go of me, you little prick!” the guy shouted as he glared at Alec in disgust.

“Shut up.” Alec glanced around again. Across the club, he saw Clary and Izzy attempting to detain the two girls who were with the guy. He needed Jace, now, but his partner was still struggling to get to him.

The guy twisted violently, attempting to break free. Desperate to hold on, Alec curled his arm around his neck to subdue him. He pushed his knee into his lower back. The guy snarled and reached back with his arms, grabbing for Alec’s face. Alec twisted, barely dodging the groping hands.

“Everybody move! This is a raid!”

Alec’s head snapped up. A flood of people had parted to reveal Jace, holding his gun over his head. He understood that Jace had to do it because he was damn pissed that he couldn’t get through the crowd seamlessly. This rash action from Jace made Alec cursed inwardly. Obviously, this was not part of their plan and it was a very bad move from Jace. If everyone in the room panicked, the Shadowhunters would lose control of the situation very quickly.

With Alec’s attention diverted, the guy leaned forward suddenly and threw his head back. Alec jerked away, but not in time to avoid the entire blow. The guy’s skull cracked against his jawbone, bringing tears to his eyes. Alec’s grip loosened by a fraction, but it was all the advantage the man needed to escape. He wrenched himself free of Alec’s grip and bolted into a crowd of people.

Jace hurried to Alec’s side and scanned the area where the man had disappeared. “Couldn’t have held on for two more seconds?”

Alec glared at him. “We need to fall back. The mission has been compromised.”

“I’m not leaving until all the suspects are in custody.”

“Jace—” Alec began, but his words were cut off by a tingling sensation at the nape of his neck. He turned and found themselves being surrounded by five other men.

In one giant surge, the bystanders in the club made a frenzied break for the exit. Screaming and shouting thundered above the still-playing music. Alec tensed as Jace aimed his gun at one member of their group, a fair-skinned male with hair like dreadlocks made out of seaweed. Due to the tightness of his clothes, Alec had been unable to hide a weapon on himself. He was completely unarmed. As if sensing his parabatai’s unease, Jace unsheathed a dagger concealed under his shirt and handed it over. Alec took it without tearing his eyes away from their enemies.

“We’ve been surrounded,” Alec whispered under his breath.

“With our training, it’ll only take two of us to bring them all down,” Jace murmured back.

“I can barely move in these pants.”

“Split them up the ass if you have to. Just look good while doing it.”

Alec fought to hide his appalled expression. “We need Isabelle and Clary.”

Right on cue, there was a loud snap and one of the man who surrounded them released a cry as something gold coiled around his neck. He collapsed onto his back, revealing Isabelle at the other end of her gold whip. She dragged the woman toward her as the others surged forward to attack Jace and Alec. The man rushing at Alec released a sharp cry of pain as a gush of dark blood exploded from his arm. Clary stood on one of the club’s tables, a wisp of smoke coiling out of her gun’s barrel. Alec barely had time to acknowledge her before another blonde man from their group crashed into him. He stumbled backward but regained his footing before he could fall. He pushed against the blonde’s shoulders, but his enemy threatened to overpower him. Alec hooked his foot around the blonde’s ankle and kicked to the side, sweeping his legs out from under him. The blonde man crashed to the floor. Alec crouched down and rammed the dagger’s handle into his temple before he could recover. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out of consciousness.

Jace was still struggling with the man with dreadlocks, but, judging by the amused expression on his parabatai’s face, he knew that the situation was under control. Clary and Izzy were wrestling another man to the ground, attempting to handcuff him. Neither of them seemed to notice the other man with the wounded arm staggering toward them. Without a second thought, Alec readjusted the dagger in his hand and let it fly. It sliced through the air with a whistle and sunk into the back of his thigh. He bellowed in pain and crashed to the floor, alerting both Izzy and Clary of his presence.

Alec looked over and found Jace trapped in a chokehold, his back to the dreadlock man’s front. Before Alec could move, Jace curled in on himself. The man was launched over Jace’s back and was slammed to the ground. Jace flipped the dreadlock man over and twisted his arms behind his back before cuffing him. Just before he rose to his feet, a gun shot rang through the air.

The Shadowhunters froze, each of them turning to the source of the noise. A soft gasp escaped Alec before he could stop himself. The man who had escaped from him earlier now stood beside the bar. Tangled in the man’s arms, with a gun pointed at his head, was the bartender.

“Halt your actions, Shadowhunters,” the man shouted, “or the civilian dies.”

Jace, still crouched, laughed. “Have you honestly lost your mind? Holding a civilian hostage to threaten us and cover up your filthy actions? You think you have the right to do that? Huh, well then I pity you. We ain’t gonna fall for that.”

“Jace,” Alec warned, watching the bartender’s composed expression and nervous eyes.

“He won’t hurt him,” Jace said confidently.

The hell I won’t.” The man pushed the gun harder against the bartender’s temple.

Jace slowly straightened, pulling a dagger out of his boot as he did so. Alec was aware of Isabelle and Clary stepping up beside him, but all he could focus on was the golden-green-eyed man standing across from him. There was a tingle in his fingers, one that wanted to pull the bartender into the safety of his arms, to feel the softness of his skin.

“Harming an innocent civilian will have gruesome consequences. I can assure you of that,” Jace promised threateningly.

“It does not matter what I do,” the man countered. “If you provoke me to kill him, all eyes will be focused on you. Your actions will be held in question.”

“Jace, he’s right,” Alec said, desperate to calm the situation.

“You’re a coward,” Jace went on, ignoring his parabatai. “You came back instead of running, which leads me to believe you want to make some sort of deal with us. Now you’re using an innocent as a shield. I’d have been more impressed if you’d have held a gun to your own head, claiming you had useful information we could use. Your cowardice sickened the shit out of me.”

The man’s face contorted in fury. His lips parted to reply, but Jace moved before he could get a word out. He lunged forward, releasing his dagger in a wide arc. The man twisted out of the way, dragging the bartender with him. But the bartender was not so lucky. His arm swung out as he fought for balance and the dagger ripped through his skin from his shoulder down to his wrist as it sailed past him. With a cry, the bartender dropped to the floor, hugging his arm to his chest.

Without his leverage, the man was left at a great disadvantage. He lifted his gun to aim at Jace, but his actions were too slow. Jace’s body slammed into his and they toppled to the floor in a scuffle. It took Jace only three punches to subdue the man, then he flipped the suspect onto his stomach and handcuffed him.

Once he was sure everything was under control, Alec bolted over to the bartender’s side. The man extended his uninjured hand and Alec helped him up from the floor. His eyes followed the rivulets of blood flowing from the bartender’s shoulder, wincing empathetically.

“Are you all right?”

“Y-yes. I can manage this little wound, blue eyes.” Alec blushed at the endearment of the man but he quickly shook his head. He needed to attend the injured man for God’s sake! He applied gentle pressure against his wound to stop it from bleeding. After a while he tore a part of his shirt and wrapped it around his wound. Just then Jace came up to them and Alec glared at him.

“Look what you did Jace!” Alec hissed at his parabatai in annoyance. He was beyond pissed that the innocent one was being injured because of his rash actions. Jace flinched at the accused tone of Alec’s voice and titled his head to stare at the man injured.

“I’m really sorry. We didn’t mean to involve and injured you on this operation. I was pretty confident he wouldn’t dare to injure you. But he’s such a thick headed bastard and did it despite of his disadvantage. As a compensation, we will make sure that you will be able to go home safely and we will tend your wounds. We are also willing to pay for medical expenses if ever you needed it.”

“Nah. I’m okay. Don’t worry yourselves too much. I am just glad the ruckus was finally over.” Jace just nodded in response and said

“Very well then. But if you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Especially Alec. We will make sure he will treat your wounds tonight until you get better.” Alec’s eyes widened in disbelief as he turned to look at his parabatai. Izzy had come behind them just in time Jace had uttered his reply.

“What? Why me? You do know that as the adult of this group I have to report to the Institute what had happened!” Jace rolled his eyes at his reply while Izzy was giggling like crazy.

Exactly! You are the adult shadowhunter in our group so it is your mission to make sure this-“


“Magnus is safe and sound.”

“But-“before Alec could reply, Izzy suddenly smirked and interrupted him.

“My dear brother, did you forget who we are? Let me remind you, we are the Shadowhunters. The soldier of the people. We protect people and maintain law enforcement in our land. But most of all, we served people. Don’t you think, as the adult shadowhunter it is your responsibility to protect him, especially since he got involved in our operation? And he was injured? He needed immediate attention, above anything else.” Alec’s face went beet red as he knew that he couldn’t escape this one.

He really wanted to have time with the man but after all of the incident that happened, especially what he acted earlier made him feel embarrassed in front of the man.

“Plus, for all we know you wanted to have some sexy time with Magnus. You were eye-raping him the moment you laid eyes on him.”

Izzy!” Alec shrieked in embarrassment while they just laughed at him.

“Whatever brother. Make sure he will get home safe and sound. Don’t worry about us, we will bring them to the Institute and we will report the incident right away. Magnus needs to rest, it’s been fucking 2 am in the morning already.” Izzy said as they began walking out of the club. But before they could leave Jace yelled his parting statement.

“Oh! Just remember to use some protection while you’re having fun!” Alec covered his face in utmost embarrassment at his parabatai’s statement. He heard Magnus chuckled beside him that caused him to glance up. When their eyes met he blushed once again.

“Ahm, sorry for . . . earlier and . . . what my siblings said. They’re—they’re just. . . “Suddenly Magnus gave out a beautiful melodic laugh and Alec couldn’t help to find his voice beautiful.

“It’s okay blue eyes. I know I’m delicious.” As he winked at him causing his blush to worsened, if that was even possible.

“Ahm, so, is it okay if we go to my house? I- I mean I’ll tend your wound!” ‘Great Alec. You’re rambling.’ Alec mentally cursed himself at his inability to form words in front of the beautiful man. However, Magnus just smirked at him with a hint of amusement in his eyes as he replied.




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Alec’s thoughts was suddenly interrupted when he heard a snap. He glanced up and saw Magnus who was holding a blue rose on his hand. He putted the blue flower on Alec’s ear causing him to blush at his actions. Magnus then suddenly positioned himself and rested his head on Alec’s lap. Alec immediately ran his fingers through his smooth, silky hair.

“Blue looks really good on you, Alexander.” Alec didn’t said anything and just smiled in reply.

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My motto: "Everybody has a potential to write, we are powerful because God gave us a pen. A powerful tool to write our own stories, to write our own destiny." Currently Working on: - Unmarked Existence(Book 1 of Aces Series) - The Warlord's Thorn (Book 1 of the Dark Chaos Series) - Inside the Devil's Den (MALEC Fanfic) - My Broken Angel (MALEC Fanfic) - Book 1 of my Untitled Fantasy/Futuristic AU Series (Title of the Series and the Book 1 TBA) I post my stories in Tablo: Facebook: For fanfics, you can read it in my Fanfiction account: Follow me on my social accounts as I will be posting SPOILERS, TEASERS and probably UPDATE SCHEDULES of my malec stories in the future :) Twitter: Tumblr: Pinterest: My Dreams/Ambitions in the field of Writing: 1. Complete all my on-going and upcoming stories. 2. Write and complete trilogy/series. 3. Become a publish author and publish my novels as books (printed/ebook). 4. Collaboration with other writers to write a book/series. 5. Published collaboration works. Also, I wanted to have a friend or someone who shares the same passion with me in writing. Whom I can share my ideas with and together we'll craft our journey in writing (like Clare and Holly). Important matters and concern? Reach me in my email Ciao! -Daime Guiral

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